Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cover Reveal and Presale of Charade

There is a cover reveal and interview for Charade over at SFFWorld today. Click here to see it.

Charade is now available for presales on Amazon. Click here to get yours now. The ebook will be 99c until the release on the 26th.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

All the Loose Ends

I watched the end of a miniseries last night that left me with a lot of questions.

It was an interesting set up in that the main mystery was actually a red herring. The internal mystery was wrapped up happily, but not much else.

One character is very intriguing. Just as you get to know him, he commits a murder. Further on, he confesses to another character. This is a major revelation and goes nowhere. I couldn't help thinking of the burden he placed on his friend. The murder would never be solved. And it was committed with such aplomb that the viewer is left to wonder if it was his first. There's a whole story right there.

Several of the characters acted badly. I was left wondering what would happen in their lives now that they'd destroyed their careers. More loose ends.

Or maybe this was a good show because the characters are still with me. I want to know what happens next. I want to see them go on to the next chapter in their lives.

Maybe I will need to write it.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

My Ducks are Lining Up

Charade is being proofread this week. I am very excited to get this book out the door. It has been a tough one, but I learned a lot along the way.

SFFWorld has kindly agreed to do another cover reveal for me. It will go up Wednesday, October 18th, as Charade goes up for pre-sale on Amazon.

This series is going wide, so it will be available on all retailers in October. The first book of the series, Facade, will drop out of Kindle Select on October 15th. As soon as I have all the new links, they will be posted to the website for one-stop shopping. It will still be available on Amazon, just not exclusive to that retailer.

If you are on my mailing list, you will get a sneak peek of the cover a day early.

The next book in A Changed World series is coming along very well. I'm about 34,000 words into the rough draft. It's all falling into place nicely. Ah, what a delight it is when you're healthy and your brain works properly. I've been able to write this one a bit faster, but it's still looking like a December release date. I will update that if there are any changes.

When book 4 of A Changed World goes out to the beta readers, I will get back to work on the first book of the Lands of Haroon which will be a series of stand-alones in the same world.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Almost There

Book 2 of the Transmutation series is almost done. Finally. It even has a name now - Charade. This was a tough one for a bunch of reasons that have nothing to do with the story. For some reason my system failed. I sputtered and stuttered to a stop and the writing fell flat.

A big thank you to my beta readers for taking me to task on all the problems that needed to be resolved.

Happily, the third rewrite was the charm. I am getting positive feedback from my final reader. Then it goes to line editing. I am setting the release date for October 26.

Now I can set up the cover reveal and some promos for the release date.

And while I am waiting for the final reader to finish Charade, I am writing the beginning chapters to book 4 of A Changed World.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

It's All Relative

My sales numbers for yesterday were awful. I thought to myself - this is the worst day ever. But it wasn't. It was just a slow day. I made a couple dollars. Not a lot, but still something. When I started out, there were weeks of no sales. I've gotten spoiled.

I've sold over 1,000 books so far this year. In all of 2016 I sold 1200. That means I will probably sell more this year than last. That's progress.

And I haven't released anything this year. Grrr. I spent way too much time on the first book in a new series that I had to put on the back burner because it had too many problems. Which made me start late on book 2 of Transmutation which had its own issues and is still in rewrite. And that backs up the start of book 4 for A Changed World.

I've done a little marketing, all of which boosted things for a bit. But it all comes down to putting out new work. I have an awful lot in the hopper...they're just not quite ready to be released.

So another short post so I can get back to work.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Bad Guy's Point of View

I started reading book 2 of a new series and gave up after a couple chapters. Book 1 was about the main character. Book 2 was building up the bad guys to set up an inevitable confrontation. I have discovered that most of the time I don't like reading about the bad guys.

A few years back while I was sampling new authors I found a book with a villain so vile that I quit reading immediately. I did not want to spend any time in that twisted person's mind. Nor did I want any description of the bloodbath he'd left behind. (shiver)

Maybe that's what makes first person books so popular - no foray into the mind of the antagonist?

Daniel Abraham's The Dagger and The Coin series has a wonderful antagonist who doesn't mean to be evil, he just makes really bad choices. I find that kind of bad guy fascinating. He's doing all the wrong things for the right reasons.

When an antagonist is over the top, I tend to skim those chapters, eager to get back to my favorite characters. It's a hard balance to create characters that are interesting and antithetical to one another. Too often authors cheat a little with a cardboard, cliche villain. I've been called on it a couple times by my beta readers (Thanks!). When I work a bit harder at figuring out who the bad guy is and what he really wants, it makes for a much better story.

But I don't like writing about them any more than reading about them. I tend to use the reaction of the characters I prefer, rather than the action of the antagonist.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Garden Stress

This may sound silly, but I get stressed when my garden is in stress. If it's too hot or too dry or too cold or needs weeding, I feel like I've let it down. And all of that is happening right now.

The vegetable garden needs weeding. I can't keep up with the string beans, and I am picking every other day. The tomatoes are showing signs of blight. My favorite drying tomato gave up the fight leaving me with only a handful of half-ripe tomatoes.

The perennial beds are sprouting weeds and the old flower stalks need to be cut. I thought I had conquered them this year, but they are starting to careen out of control.

I hired a guy to cut down the briers and pull vines and he failed. He clear cut part of the yard taking out rose bushes, daylilies, sedum, irises, peonies, gladiolas, hosta and whatever else was hiding under the weeds. I wasn't sure whether I was going to cry or look for a weapon.

And it's been really hot. Which means I need to work in the garden first thing in the morning. And to be honest that doesn't always happen. So by the time I've had my coffee and woken up properly, it's too hot to work out there.

If it's hot and we don't get rain then I need to get out there and water everything. That takes a little more time from all the other things I should be writing. But I can't let the poor little guys suffer. It's not like they can move into the shade if they're too dry. I'm responsible for them.

I won't mention the mosquitoes or the yellow jacket nest I just found...

Luckily it's raining now. That's a perfect excuse for not weeding.